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Hello Neighbors! Recently, I was asked if I would contribute a column to this publication on a monthly basis. To say I am honored, flattered, and excited is an understatement. With over 25 years in the spa and wellness industry, as well as being a CT shoreline resident, I look forward to sharing with you the latest beauty tips and trends, my favorite shopping spots, and of course, where I love to eat. I also love to give shout outs to those who offer great service in our community. My goal is to keep it fun and fresh, but also informative. I’ll share where to find the best deals and other hidden gems from my travels.

You can always find me at my home away from home as the Spa Director at Cerulean Beauty & Spa at Mystic Marriott Hotel. A great place to spend the day and relax, and a fun place to shop. Be on the lookout for monthly specials and promo codes.  Be sure to visit our website at

I am also a licensed aesthetician and skincare extraordinaire. I see my private clients during my off time, and being able to contribute to them feeling and looking their best is the most rewarding experience.

I look forward to taking this journey you, and welcome you to The Luxe Lounge.

So, let’s get into it…. As an aesthetician, I know all too well about the importance of using good skincare and sunscreen. But what about what you can do for your skin internally?  I’ve been fascinated by the (intravenous) IV Hydration Therapy craze and I’ve been doing my homework. I first heard about IV Hydration Therapy about 10 years ago when I was in Vegas. There was a medical van the size of a bread truck that drove up and down the strip offering a reprieve to those suffering from a hangover, and it didn’t involve a Bloody Mary. Genius idea. This hangover cure on wheels had an interior that combined the inside of an ambulance and a nightclub lounge. It was run by an ER doc and his RN wife, and they were busy. Those suffering would hop on board, take a seat in a plush lounge chair and pay their $200.00. A small price to pay and well worth it I would imagine. Fast forward to today and we have IV Hydration bars, lounges, studios popping up everywhere. They offer a menu of “cocktails” that include Vitamin C and B12 just to name a few. This is a fast and efficient way to absorb vitamins as opposed to oral supplements that take longer to break down. This also ensures almost 100% bioavailability, leading to faster and more effective results.  So, we know what it can do for a hangover, but what does it do for your skin? It gives dull and dehydrated skin the boost it needs to have a dewy and healthy glow, among many other health benefits. Sign Me Up! I often visit a beautiful wellness center in Madison called LIVation. Joe Baczewski RN and his team are the absolute best at what they do, as well as educate their patients to achieve optimal results. Check them out.  I also have an appointment next week at Contemporary Wellness Med Spa & IV Hydration in Mystic.

I’ll let you know how it goes when we meet again next month.

Be well, spa often, and wear your sunscreen.

Tracy xo