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It’s a little extra special this year.

Hello Neighbors, and happy summer! The Summer Olympics are quickly approaching and will be held in Paris, France from July 26- August 11th. This will be Paris’s third time hosting the global sporting event and will mark it’s 100th anniversary of the 1924 Paris Games. The City of Love will once again provide the perfect backdrops for the various events with the Eiffel Tower, Siene River, and Champs Élysées. Traditional sports will return with renewed enthusiasm, showcasing the world’s best athletes and fostering international sportsmanship. The Paris Games will also feature some new sports such as breakdancing, surfing, and skateboarding which reflects the evolving landscape of international sports as well as appealing to younger audiences.

My Summer Olympic Memories

In 1984, I was 12 years old when Mary Lou Retton became the first American gymnast to win a gold medal and receive a not one, but two perfect scores of 10. You couldn’t turn on the tv and not see her on a box Wheaties or in a McDonald’s commercial. She was a role model for young girls and in my eyes, an American icon. In 1988, I was on summer break from high school during the Games in Seoul, Korea when Greg Louganis misjudged his 9th dive and hit his head on the springboard. His injury caused a concussion and he still swept the division and won gold. He is the highest ranked diver in Olympic history and is the reason I joined the varsity diving team. And who doesn’t remember seeing Michael Phelps coming out of the pool in Rio De Janeiro during the 2016 Olympic Games with rows and rows of dark purple cup marks all over his back. Cupping has become a very popular and therapeutic treatment for muscle tension. We offer cupping in our massage services at Cerulean Spa at Mystic Marriott.

Global Unity and International Diplomacy

The Olympics serve as platform for global unity by bringing over 200 nations in a celebration of peace and cooperation through sport. It provides an opportunity for countries to foster diplomatic relations in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding. A true spirit and celebration we can all share our support in.

Go USA!!!

Be well, spa often, wear your sunscreen.

Tracy XO