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Hello Neighbors! It’s February and although I’ve never been one who gets particularly excited about Valentine’s Day, I am a lover of love, cold weather, and football! So, let’s get into it.

For The Love of Love

Yes, Valentine’s Day can be charming with chocolates and flowers. But it should be about more than big business for the greeting card industry. It’s about love. And I’m not only referring to the romantic kind. Although that can be pretty special. I’m also talking about love that celebrates friendships, oneself, and yes, football. The Super Bowl is also a celebration of love. The love of your favorite team making it to the very end. The love of the Super Bowl commercials and halftime show. And the love of being with friends while enjoying beer, hot wings, and nachos. If you are hosting a large group, a charcuterie board or grazing table from Beyond the Board in Waterford is the perfect addition for a football party. It’s like edible art!

Something Special for Everyone

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, so it’s not exactly the sexiest night of the week. Most couples celebrate the weekend before, which is also when the Super Bowl is. So now what? How do you combine romance with football? At Cerulean Spa at the Mystic Marriott, we are hosting the Kickoff to Valentine’s Day. Enjoy our newest additions to our spa service menu that include scents of red cherries and chocolates. We also have something special for the fellas. Our Bourbon and Brown Sugar treatments are the perfect way to kick off your Valentine’s Day and still be home in time for the big game. Some of our spa services even include champagne or a bourbon on the rocks, après spa of course. Whether you’re a single, a couple, or a group celebrating “Gal"entine's Day, we have something special for you. Check out our Offers Page at As we navigate our way through the month, let us revel in the joy of love and the thrill of the game. Remember to be kind to yourself and to others, not just this month but every month. And for those who don’t like this cold weather, spring is just around the corner. See you then. Be well, spa often, and wear your sunscreen.

Tracy xo