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Hello Neighbors and Happy New Year to you all!

Well, we did it! We’ve made it through another busy holiday season. So now what?? Many of us like to start to new year off with resolutions and changes. Many times these resolutions include phrases like “New Year, New You!” The first few weeks of January the gyms are packed and you can’t get a turn on a treadmill, but come February, you can have the place all to yourself. The point is, our intentions are good, but sometimes we set unrealistic goals for ourselves and we are left more disappointed and frustrated than ever before. I think our resolutions should include not being so hard on ourselves. We need to set realistic expectations and make shorter term goals. The sense of pride when reaching them makes it easier for the next and the next after that. If a fitness and wellness plan is your path, then you should choose a facility that meets all of your needs. At Cerulean Spa at the Mystic Marriott Hotel where I am the spa director, we have put a membership in place that caters to everyone’s fitness program needs. We offer a full fitness center with state of the art equipment. We also offer use of the heated indoor pool with a lap lane. You have full access to our spa amenities that include an infrared sauna, steam room, spa robes and sandals, showers, and use of our relaxation room. You received a member discount of 15% on all spa services, spa retail purchases, and food and beverage in our new Helmsman Kitchen & Bar restaurant, formerly known as the Octagon. We are extending our 12 Days Of Fitness from our December promotion through January 31st. Use CODE: NEIGHBORS24.

Different Ways To Reset or Detox

Every new year I partake in Dry January and refrain from any alcohol or extra sugar for the entire month. It’s such a great reset it’s my way of little detoxing. When you hear the word detox, you think of terrible tasting juice and teas cleanses. But I don’t just reset on the inside, I reset financially and electronically too. My financial detox was the hardest of them all. As someone who love to shop, I tend to buy things I don’t really need. I have bins of beautiful clothes for every weight class and every kitchen gadget known to man. So, what I do is give myself an allowance every month for the necessities such as hair color, makeup, and skincare. I stay away from online shopping and repurpose my outfits that I already have. I’ll change up my look with a jacket or a belt that’s in my closet it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe. I also try to eat at home more often. Eating out can get very expensive and contributes to my every weight class bins of clothes. Plus, I’m not drinking, so I’m not ordering a high calorie appetizer either.